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The Making of a Man

DC Comics Essentials: Batman: Earth One (2014-) #1 - Geoff Johns, Gary Frank

This had strong writing and great art. I have no major complaints. My Batman critical meter is high and I felt that while it did revisit the genesis of Batman with some unique tweaks, it really concentrates what makes Bruce Wayne/Batman who he is. You see Bruce as a raw vigilante, making plenty of mistakes, with a worried Alfred looking on and discouraging his kamikaze approach. I liked how prominent Alfred's role is in the story. It almost seems to go closer in the direction of "Gotham", but still with Bruce as the focus. Alfred truly is an incredible man. The older I get and the more I explore Batmanverse, the more I appreciate him. The sidestory of Gordon and Bulloch's meeting and becoming partners was more interesting that I thought. A different view on both characters. And the whole concept of the Penguin as Mayor with a serial killer on his payroll was utterly chilling. When I watch the tv show "Gotham", I have this visceral feeling of Gotham City as a pit of twisted. slimy misery. That is the vibe I get from Gotham City in this novel. You often wonder how Gotham City could be Gotham City without Bruce Wayne/Batman and you certainly know that GC has made Bruce into the man he is.

I can't ever get enough of good Batman stories in my life. This is one I'd recommend.