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Hard to Kill

Death of Wolverine - Steve McNiven, Charles Soule

I thought this was a very good graphic novel. I've become a huge fan of Wolverine. I guess my buddy has rubbed off on me, because he's the biggest Wolverine fan on earth. This has everything you might like about the character. You see inside his soul and you see how sucky his life is in the sense that he has to fight, it's not an option.

Wolverine has lost his healing factor, and that is a very bad thing for a person who has to fight as often and as hard as he does. Death is literally right around the corner for him. To think that just retracting his claws could lead to endocarditis, and his skeleton harbors radiation from his time at Nagasaki.

Wolverine is on the search for who called out the hit on him and who wants him dead (well, who does the most, anyway). He ends up going full circle to his own creation as a warrior of adamantium, and that leads to the event forecasted in this title. The ending is as dramatic as one could hope for with a Wolverine title. This is the best one I've read so far, but I have a lot more Wolverine to read before I'm done.