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Everything Forbidden

Everything Forbidden - Jess Michaels This was a decent read. It was not appreciably that much steamier than a few of the mainstream historical romances I've read. I admit I am pretty bored with the oversexed rake, and I think that Anne Stuart did them a lot better in her Rohan series. What I liked:*I found myself really liking and respecting Miranda. She was a good person. I like that she is honest about her needs as a person, and she is also generous and giving to take care of her family, even when they have been so ungrateful and cruel to her. She has a lot of heart and integrity, and she did endear herself to me for those reasons.*I liked Ethan's proposal at the end. That really did show his feelings for Miranda. I hope he is truly able to stay faithful to her. She deserves a husband who adores and cherishes her and sets her on fire in the bedroom.My Overall Thoughts:Regency romance lacks a lot of tension and punch for me, and the tortured elements of Ethan and Miranda's characters didn't really come to life for me. The love scenes were good, but not especially steamy for an erotic read. I'm not asking for kinky, mind you, but I thought that they would be more descriptive than they were. Having said that, this is not a bad read. I can see many readers enjoying it a lot. Especially readers who love the Regency setting, with the Marriage Mart, and the jaded rake hero. As I said above, rakes leave me cold, unless they are done really well. Ethan didn't really inspire me to overcome my dislike of the rake storyline, so I can't really endorse this book wholesale. I think the thing that makes it shine is Miranda. She made the book more worthwhile to read, and Jess Michaels writes smoothly enough to make this book a pleasant few hours' read.Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.