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Reading is my favorite hobby, hands down. Books are love to me.  I am an avid collector, and paper books will always edge out e-books with me.

Cherished - Elizabeth Thornton Leon was quite the forceful, demanding, jealous type hero. His behavior was a little intimidating at times. It was like he decided he'd let his bride grow up, and then she was all his. He wasn't faithful to her while he was waiting, either. Sometimes I was a little disturbed by his actions, and Emily wasn't mature enough to handle a husband like him. She did a lot of antics that just made things worse, IMHO. I don't believe in a wife being under her husband's thumb, but she seemed to do things that would aggravate his jealous nature. Not very smart. He was the type would slit a guy's throat for looking at his wife. (Not that he did in this book. Just gave me that vibe). Mainly, he would do the whole "I'm going to punish you by making passionate love to you" type thing. It was a very good book, all the same. Not for the tastes of a reader who doesn't like an uber-alpha, macho, possessive type hero much.