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Taming the Texas Tycoon - Katherine Garbera Man, I wanted to like this more than I did. First of all, I didn't really warm up to Lance. He was a poorly-fleshed out character. I know that with 192 pages there is not a lot to work with. But I have read some books of this length that had as much as I needed and more to like a character like Lance, commitment-phobic because of the abuse he suffered from his father and from his mother leaving. He was arrogant, which is not necessarily bad, but there wasn't much to make up for it. He actually told Kate that he didn't notice her before her sexy makeover and he wasn't going to apologize for it, because that was his way to be upfront. I'm not trying to say he should have lied, but I think there was a better answer than that.Secondly he was running around with Kate behind his fiance's back. He knew it was wrong, and he said he would break off the engagement but didn't get around to it. I don't think anyone can make a person feel ashamed unless she/he lets him, but his behavior certainly did not help Kate feel okay about their relationship. Kate wasn't an affair-kind of person, and he should have been more sensitive to her needs.Then he goes and tells her she's trying to control him because she's not happy with their affair and loving him when he can't love her. Can you say insensitive? Frankly, this book ended with me thinking that Kate was way too good for him.I think that he probably did love her, but I think his assurances to her to feel good about herself were too tied into her newly-improved sexy looks. She was a good person before, and he barely seemed to realize that.I know that I am old-fashioned. That's just the way I'm wired. I didn't feel right about their sexual relationship because I don't think it was what Kate needed out of it, and being one-sided (except for being able to have sex with the man she loved) made it feel wrong to me, in a way that not all modern romances do with sexual relationships out of marriage do. For me, it's all in the execution.Now when it came to Kate, I didn't really have anything against her, except she should have stood up for herself sooner and in a more steadfast manner. She should have made sure that Lance honored her by breaking his engagement before they slept together (if that was truly important to her). She let him make her feel bad about herself and doubt her morals. That was a bad decision on her part. I do believe it is refreshing to have realistic characters who don't always do the right thing, and who go into sexual relationships too soon, but it was frustrating to me to see how the dynamics of this relationship played out. Sex isn't everything. Yes, it's important, but Kate made the mistake of thinking that Lance wanting her physically was enough for a while. I like that initially she decided to quit and move on with her life when she found out Lance was engaged, but I wish she had stuck to it until she got the commitment she wanted from him, or just moved on. I don't think that is emotional blackmail, although Lance tried to treat her like she was playing that game. A person has the right to be very firm about what they want from a relationship, because she/he has to live with the regrets if she/he doesn't.Ugh. I just felt like this book hit me wrong on all cylinders. Some of the writing wasn't as well-done as I would hope. There wasn't much description of the characters other than Kate. I don't think I even remember what Lance looks like. The first love scene was just very poorly written. It was almost distasteful in its execution, and really wham-bam, thank you ma'amish. I would expect more out of a millionaire Texas playboy (not that I have experience with any). The other love scenes were much better. There are elements I would normally have liked in this book: plain janish heroine who was overweight, being in love with her boss, hero who is self-made and is a Texan cowboy type. But the execution was just all wrong. I hope the next books in the Texas Cattleman's Club are better.