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Reading is my favorite hobby, hands down. Books are love to me.  I am an avid collector, and paper books will always edge out e-books with me.

Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley This is one of those books that instills a good feeling in the reader throughout the reading, and once the last word has been read. I was cheering for Dane and Olivia to consummate their marriage, and I was laughing and rather surprised in a good way at the reasons for Dane's virginity. I liked that Olivia was the one pursuing in this book, instead of Dane. This book was fun and exciting to read. It has some rather nontraditional sensuality elements for a mainstream, non-erotic historical romance (in general), but I liked the way it was done. Very well written as typical for Bradley. She's really great at combining humor and pathos in her books. A sure keeper.