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My Utmost for His Highest reads you as you read it

My Utmost for His Highest: Quality Paperback Edition - Oswald Chambers

In order to have written the most successful review for this book, I should have started with Day 1 and wrote something about each entry every day. Sadly, I didn't do that. So I'll just do my best to write a summary of my thoughts of this devotional over the year-long experience of reading it. I hope that any reader of this review finds that helpful.

Oswald Chambers is a man who definitely had an ongoing encounter with God. His thoughts tap into every aspect of the experience of following Christ and having communion with the Spirit of God. His words are at times an incredibly profound comfort to a broken heart. At other times, they are a prod to one's flagging determination to fight the good fight and continue that daily walk with God in a meaningful way. Other times, they convict the reader in the best way. The way that the Holy Spirit convicts a believer of complacency or willingness to settle for a life that merely pretends belief in God as opposed to a life-changing, ever-evolving relationship with God that affects every aspect of that person's life in the more meaningful ways. I do believe that God used Mr. Chambers powerfully in writing this devotional. I cannot count how many times I read an entry and I felt that God was talking directly to me. A person once said that we don't read the Bible, but the Bible reads us. I believe that Mr. Chambers was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write something that does exactly that. I found that questions I was struggling with that week were addressed so many times in the entries I read, and I saw the lightbulb go on inside my mind.

I would recommend this devotional to every believer in Jesus, and even to people who seek to know God in a deep way. I believe that the reader will feel touched deep inside and it will make them desire for more of God in their life. The good news is that God wants to walk with each and every one of us in that way and relate to us in a truly real way. God always rewards those who seek him. And "My Utmost for His Highest" is a good tool in that journey of discovering who God is and how intimately we can relate to him everyday. Definitely worth getting a copy of this and spending a year with Oswald Chambers.