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Dark Magic Afoot

The Dresden Files: Storm Front, Volume 2: Maelstrom - Jim Butcher, Ardian Syaf, Mark Powers

My review is mostly the same for both volumes of this graphic novel. I didn't take notes while I was reading, so the finer points slipped out of my mind shortly after I read it. However, I did make some specific observations for part two.

One might think, why read a graphic novel version of a prose novel? I was one of those who asked that question. I am eating my words now. I can see why. While I tend to visualize the books I read as movies playing in my head in full color, it's still a pleasure to see how the author's imagery is brought to life as they work with the graphic novel artists and writers.

Harry doesn't quite look like my version in my head, but it's awesome to see how Butcher himself visualizes the character. Harry's "don't care what you think and don't tell me what to do" attitude comes through loud and clear in the graphic version. He's not quite as lanky/thin as I imagined, but his proportions aren't exaggerated into a beefcake version that doesn't hold true to the original. I did like the attention to detail given to Harry's outfit and tricks of the trade. I hadn’t quite gotten a distinction between Harry’s blasting rod and staff until seeing it in the graphic novel.

The climax has energy and excitement through the eyes and hands of the artist. It feels three-dimensional, much like a movie, and it makes me wish that the TV series had been better done and they had spent more money on it, because it would have been so well done if they had. Paul Blackthorne was an excellent choice for Dresden, in my opinion. The imagery of the dark sorcery committed by the villain stays in my head, and it seems very sinister even in graphic novel format.

This isn’t my favorite Dresden novel out of the four I’ve read so far, but it’s a very good start to a series, and I liked this graphic novel enough to pick up the next in the series, Fool Moon, which is probably one of my favorites from the series, although Grave Peril and Summer Knight are also excellent, IMO. It's made me excited to keep reading the books in graphic novel format.

I’d recommend checking this out if you are a fan of the Dresden prose novels. The artwork is well done and bright and the story follows the book very well.