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X for X-citing

X-Force, Vol. 3: Not Forgotten - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Clayton Crain

Intense is the word for this book. I feel like I can easily stray into broken record territory in this review, so I am forced to keep this review very short. But the truth is I freaking love this series. The artwork is so clear and dramatic (and surprisingly bright (and fittingly so) for such a gritty storyline). It is such a great medium for this highly active story. The cliffhanger is intense, so you want to have Necrosha on hand when you finish this one. We soon realize that the resurrected Purifiers aren't even the biggest threat that the X-Force will face. Like they need more enemies. Oh well. Bring it on! They are up for the challenge. There is enough butt kicking in this series for any adrenaline junkie (I speak from personal experience).

If you want to see how hardcore the Marvel mutant universe can go, you need to check out these X-Force books.

Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.