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Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick

Fables, Vol. 15: Rose Red - Bill Willingham, Steve Leialoha, Mark Buckingham, Dan Green, Andrew Pepoy, Iñaki Miranda

I can't help but give this five stars. I love this series very much. It's funny. I can be stingy when it comes for Fairest or Cinderella, but I have trouble doing that with Fables, except Fables, Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover lost me because it was too smug I think and also because Jack gets on my ever-loving nerves and he was in that book too much for my tastes. However, we are back on our five star streak with Fables here.

Rose Red finally gets her head together after the very painful and personal loss she and the Fables community suffers. In other to do that, she has to revisit the willful mistakes of her past. We go back to Rose Red and Snow White's childhood as the innocent children of a forest-dwelling mother who meet a friendly bear seeking a place by the fire, and what ensues from that point. I recently reread this fairy tale, and so it was fun to see Willingham retell it here, but add some nuances that point to why Rose Red was such an all-fired brat and the origins of her vendetta against her sister Snow White. She's been in the process of growing up, and it's nice to see that she's matured so much. It comes at a painful cost.

I have to say I'm sick of the Dark Man story arc. I know they needed a big bad after dealing with the Adversary, and the Dark Man is definitely quite an adversary. The battle scenes were pretty epic, and it was fun to see Frau Totenkinder in a different light. I'm just tired of evil bullies getting away with murder, literally. Plus, I am holding my breath because I accidentally got spoiled and I'm afraid that I will encounter an event that I know will break my heart. I love this series too darn much, and there is always a battle inside me as to whether I should keep taking a big break on this series or keep reading. We shall see. This series is awful good to walk away from for very long without getting withdrawal pains.