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Predatory Game (GhostWalkers Series #6)

Predatory Game - Christine Feehan ****3rd Reread between 6/16-6/19/12My Thoughts:I loved the unique vibe of this story. Well honestly, all the books are different, but this one starts out sort of deceptively. It's kind of a boy meets girl book. However, then you realize that these friends turned lovers are not exactly typical. They are both lethal killers and they don't want each other to know that. It was so cute how they both had feelings for each other and were just barely keeping things on a friendly level. Until those feelings exploded into something more. Boy did I enjoy watching the sparks fly!Jesse--This man is so adorable. He's like a deadly teddy bear. He doesn't look like one, he's all hot, hard man with a seductive smile. But he's sweet and caring and protective, like a little kid's teddy bear that they take to bed to keep the boogeyman away. But beneath that is a very lethal man who will protect those that belong to him. I loved that he wasn't willing to let Saber go, to run away from him and what they had together. That kind of hero is my favorite. The man who will do anything to get and keep his woman. They make me sigh. So he's the best of both worlds. The scene in the basement just gave me shivers. I don't like killing or violence for the sake of violence, but I honestly love a kick*ss hero like no other! His power is so fantastic, and kind of scary. He proved to Saber that she was safe with him and he could protect them both. Together they are formidable. Saber--I loved her character. Lethal but having the appearance of a beautiful girl-woman. Very small but fierce. She's a protector, not a destroyer as she has been led to believe. Her heart is not that of a killer. It never could be, but she fears that part of herself. To the point that she stays on the run and doesn't allow herself to get close to anyone. She thinks she's not good enough for Jesse, but she's the one woman for him. I love how she tries to protect Jesse because she thinks he needs her protection. You could see her love for him, even when she was afraid to love him. I understood her issues. Holding back out of fear. I was glad that she found that place of rest with Jesse, and came to realize that the GhostWalkers were the family she was always missing. I love all the GW women, but Saber is one of my favorite GhostWalkers, up there with Mari and Rose.I truly enjoyed this reread. I could live in these books. They are so enjoyable and real for me. I love all the aspects of these books: fiery, beautiful romance, complex relationships between men and women, found and born families, fighting the darkness, and formidable warriors all together. Everything I love in a good fiction book. I have to wait until July to reread Murder Game, but I want to just dive in now and keep reading, so I don't have to leave the GhostWalkers behind. That's how good these books are! Check out my GhostWalkers Pinboard on Pinterest.***Listened to audiobook from 6/29/11-7/5/11. Here are my thoughts:***I have to be honest and admit I didn't care for the narrator. His voice wasn't suited to the characters and Christine Feehan narrative. I think he would do a great job narrating noir/detective novels, though. With this story, he just didn't bring Jesse, Saber, and any of the other characters (except the sicko villain) to life in a pleasing manner. He actually made me want to reread the book again right away (and during) to get my own visuals of the characters back in my head, which I will probably do early next year.Narrator aside, I enjoyed listening because I love this serious so darn much. I really enjoy spending time with the GhostWalkers, and I don't think that will ever change. Listening to this book in the early morning hours (and after long hard days) kept me awake on my long journey, and I'm thankful for that. I love turning over the conspiracies involving the GhostWalkers in my head, and hearing it adds a new layer. If I could change one thing, it would just be the narrative choice. I am so tempted to go to the library and grab the other GhostWalker audiobooks off the shelf like the greedy junkie that I am.Overall rating for audiobook: 4.25/5.0 starsOriginal review below (I didn't change it because that would be unfair based on the audiobook version):Another great Ghostwalkers book. This one had a more semi-normal tone. Boy and girl getting to know each other. Sort of, if you consider that girl is on the run from a secret agency who trained her to kill with her touch since she was a child, and boy is a super-soldier. It was sweet but at the same time, both Saber and Jess are two dangerous people you do not want to have as enemies. I thought that the direction that things went with Saber's ability was really cool. It reminded me of Rogue from the X-Men a little bit. She was such a likable heroine, and also really dangerous. I liked that she protected Jess and put her life at risk for him, even at times when she wasn't sure she could trust him. I liked how Jess fell in love with Saber early on and wanted to make a home for her and for her to feel comfortable enough to stay with him. He took things slow so that he didn't rush her. In that way, it was a sweet book. But when things start to escalate, this book is just as intense as the other Ghostwalkers book. It was great to see that things worked out for Jess, after reading about how he lost the use of his legs and how awful that was. It's funny how he played all sweet and harmless but you realize that he is far from that, even though he has to use a wheelchair. Again, not a guy I would want as an enemy. He is a powerful Ghostwalker with abilities that remind one of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey from the X-Men, which I thought was really cool. He's also a computer genius type as well. And he's hot. Did I mention he was a Navy SEAL? THUD! Where can I get one of him? It was nice to see Ken and Mari again, and to see that they are going well. And to see Lily give birth to the first of the second generation of Ghostwalkers. I am just as addicted as ever to this series, but since i only have one left, I am going to try to hold off on reading that one and read something else because I cannot imagine the void in my life with no Ghostwalker books to look forward to.