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Death by Ego

Deathstroke, Vol. 1: Legacy - Kyle Higgins, Simon Bisley

Slade Wilson is a jerk. Let's be honest. He has put his desire to be the best warrior before everything. He will take on just about any mission just so he can achieve the recognition and accolades of completing the mission. It's not about the money.

I found him hard to like. That makes it's difficult to root for a character when he's so insufferable. I appreciate how incredibly kickbutt the man is, but his colossal ego and the enormous chip on his shoulder ruins things for me.

This is a very violent comic. Lots of blood and decapitated heads flying. I think the body count is easily in the hundreds.

At the root of it, this is a story about the consequences of dysfunctional families on a person's psyche. Because Slade's father was abusive and pretty much a rat, he became obsessed with being the biggest and strongest, and this nature destroyed his relationship with his own son, Grant.

This wasn't a bad graphic novel, for the subject matter. It has action from beginning to end. I just don't like Deathstroke. His motivations are shallow and the fact that he places no value on human life above his own ego are a real turnoff for me.

I doubt I will keep reading this series.